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    Helping you navigate through life's twists and turns - providing you the stepping stones for disability planning.


    M. Leahy will aid individuals and their families to build a Disability Life Plan and revisit it as appropriate. We take into account social, government services, religious and financial needs to forge a holistic pro-action approach to life.

  • Services


    • Understand and apply for state government programs including state Waivers (community support services)
    • Apply and obtain maximum Social Security benefits
    • Navigate working with maintaining all or some of their cash benefits
    • Create a Person Center Plan and a Microboard
    • Guidance in creating safeguards in a special needs trust

  • Your roadmap for the future.

    Start safeguarding and funding a special needs trust.

    Transitioning from school to community or from child to adult can be a challenge, especially for children with special needs. What's next? What services are available throughout adulthood? How do I plan for the next 10, 20, 50 years of my child's life?

  • Winnie Stroup

    I adopted my daughter when she was 14 and had not navigated the social security or services systems before.   I heard Michele give a presentation and knew she was the answer.  She is knowledgeable and incredibly caring.  She asks all the right questions and has already helped us with benefits and the importance of a special needs trust.   We’re working on a long term plan thinking thru work, education, housing etc.  Michele makes such a difference in advising individuals and families enabling them to have a productive and high quality life and a future that makes sense.

    Joanne Corless

    I met Michele Leahy in 2009 at a Council Rock Transition meeting. We got talking and I was dumbfounded with her knowledge of the Social Security System. I needed someone desperately to help me navigate it. She helped me understand the Student Earned Income where AJ could continue to earn money while in school and not be penalized for it and keep his SSI. Once AJ graduated things changed. Within six months of his graduation, due to his work history, he was eligible for Social Security Disability.

    Susan Girard

    It can be very overwhelming finding ones way… our hiring Michele to guide us through the maze was the best decisions we could have made for the welfare of our daughter. Lauren, was born with Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair. She has faced many challenges and one of the hardest has been the way others pre judge her because sits in a chair. Finding a job was difficult and we are proud to say she is now employed part-time. Michele was right there celebrating along with us and with forms in hand on how to navigate Social Security.

    Walt & Mary Anne Beckman

    Walt and I both think that Michele is that rare combination of consummate professional and genuine "caregiver". We could not more highly recommend her to assist you in your efforts to insure that you have the knowledge at hand to make the best possible decisions regarding your son or daughter's future.

    Rosemary Devine

    With Michele's guidance, we were able to qualify for disability benefits for my son the first time we applied.  She provided us with a step by step plan and was supportive throughout the entire process. Michele is a dedicated professional and a compassionate advocate for those with special needs.

  • Steve Potts, Partner at Herr Potts and Potts, Attorneys at Law

    I've worked with Michele on mutual client matters and have found her very knowledgeable in 

    matters involving special needs families. From government benefits to the waiver system to financial 

    concerns, Michele is very effective in communicating options and resources available to families

    Kathy Purcell, MT-BC, Director, Music Therapy Associates, LLC

    The services from M. Leahy & Associates are top notch!  I highly recommend their services to 

    anyone who does not have a plan for their disabled loved one. Many of our clients have used these 

    services and are amazed at all of the things they didn't even know to ask!!  Have a plan already?  I 

    recommend you get a second look as these experts often find benefits and services others have 


  • The Path to Independence

    It's achievable! 

    Disability Life Planning helps parents and the person with special needs set reasonable, attainable goals for the future. We assess options regarding living arrangements, finding a job with or without supports, navigating the Social Security Administration and state services.

    About the Founder

    M. Leahy & Associates specializes working with other professionals such as financial advisors, special needs estate attorneys, special education professionals, governmental and community agencies to maximize the benefits and implement the best plan.

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